Monday, December 21, 2009

Copenhagen: I'm sad but will not give up!

Dear Friends,

Our world leaders have once again failed to take any concrete steps to combat climate change. The just ended UN summit on climate change has made me sad. I was full of expectation for something great to come out of this summit. But once again, greed, selfishness and insensitivity has prevented us from doing something collectively to save our own lives.

One thing I know for sure: "This is not over". The struggle to awake the world's consciousness will continue. Just as the Berlin wall fell, this will also happen. I will do my best, you will also have to do your best. The "power of the people" must be seen in action. Do your best in your own small way to combat climate change.

This is our world and we shall take charge of it. To all those who worked so hard but still did not see the desired results, we are almost there. If we stop now, would have to start all over again someday. We have not failed because we have not stopped. Let's continue. Persistence pays!

Brighten the corner where you are.

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